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Spring Skiing on Mother's Day!

An unexpected spring surprise! Skiing in our backyard on Mother's Day on 2 inches of fresh powder. Green grass re-emerged in the afternoon, so now we're back to roller skiing. Check out the amazing deals in our Meltdown Sale!

Meltdown Sale in progress!

Just like the melting snow and ice, Nordic Skater's Meltdown sale is a sure sign of spring. Save up to 50% on selected overstocked or discontinued XC SkisBootsPolesBindingsIce Skates and Roller Skis. Call us at 1 (802) 649-3939 for additional unadvertised specials. For the most part, Meltdown Sale items will remain on sale until supplies are exhausted, so shop early and often. Happy skating and skiing!

Winter's back! Pleasant Lake Winterfest this Sat.

Winter is back at full strength! The first annual Pleasant Lake Winterfest will take place this Saturday, March 18, from 11am-5pm in New London, NH. We've cleared a 400-meter ice skating loop on the lake, and we'll have free loaner Nordic Skates and skating skis, as well as boots and poles. There will also be Kitewings to demo, plus a chili cook-off, a beer and wine tent, ice sculpting and more.

Lake Morey Skating Trail is world class!

Make tracks to - and on - Lake Morey this weekend at our biggest event of the season. The Lake Morey skating trail, longest in the USA, will host the 14th Annual Skate-Athon Sunday from 10am-3pm. See how many times you can skate around the lake! 25% discount coupons for Nordic Skates will be handed out to all participants.

Ready for Nordic Ice Skating?

The lakes have frozen over. Nordic ice skating season is here! Lake Morey, Vermont - home of the nation's longest machine-groomed ice skating trail - is getting ready to host thousands of skaters from all over the continent. Here's how to make sure you're the first to know about outdoor ice skating opportunities:

First snow of the season!

The changeover from rain to snow is expected any minute, with 1 to 3 inches possible by tomorrow. With snow on the ground and cold temps overnight, ice could form in swamps and marshes very soon. The season is almost here!

Ice skating in Sweden

Now that New England's lake and pond skating season is pretty much over, here's a scenic look at lake skating in Sweden (known locally as langfardsskridsko):

Loon rescue on Lake Sunapee

Tuesday morning a small group of Nordic skaters assisted the Loon Preservation Committee in rescuing loons trapped in the ice on Lake Sunapee. Sunday afternoon, while touring the lake on skates, we had spotted three adult loons floating in a tiny circle of open water way offshore. Though we didn't know it at the time, loons need a 'runway' of at least 100 feet of open water to become airborne and fly to their winter abode on the seacoast. If the ice closes in around them, they can't take off and they either die of exposure or fall victim to predators. The last time winter arrived late, in 2007, a large number of loons died on Lake Winnipesaukee, when the lake froze quickly in late January after unusually warm weather in November and December had fooled the birds into forgoing their annual migration.

How Nordic Skates were invented

History of the Steinmetz cross-country ice skate, or ‘Nordic Skate’
(transcribed from Kouwe Drukte #29, April 2007, magazine of Poolster skate collectors club)

NH ice report 1/8/16

The 2016 ice season has begun! We're heading out this morning with our Nordic Skates, ice testing poles and ice safety gear to explore Kezar Lake in North Sutton, NH and Little Lake Sunapee in New London, NH - both located just off Interstate 89. Watch for a report later today.

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