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Ice Skate Rentals

Shop the largest selection and lowest prices in North America: 5 brands and 25 models of Nordic ice skates and speed skates, including Isvidda, Lundhags, Raps, Roces and Zandstra. Most models are available for rent. From Alaska to Maine, we have the skates for you! With the largest rental fleet in the USA, our 2-week mail-order rental program offers a choice of skate boots and clip-on blades, or conventional fixed-boot speed skates. All rentals come with an option to buy, and we credit your rental fees toward the purchase. Not ready to buy yet? You can extend your rentals for 2 more weeks, or swap them for a different model, or just send them back and owe no more. A 2-week rental costs $50 for blades, $40 for boots, $20 for poles and $20 for a helmet. Call us now at (802) 649-3939 to reserve your rentals or get more information.

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