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Ice Safety Gear

Ice Safety Gear

Don't get caught in an Ice Emergency!
What would you do if you or a friend plunged through the ice on a frozen lake?
Safety means carrying the right equipment.
Skaters, skiers, hikers, snowmobilers, iceboaters, ice fishermen:
You may be the first to arrive at an accident scene. Be prepared to rescue yourself, your buddy, or an accident victim.
Ice ClawsNordic Lifelines and Nordic Skating Poles give you inexpensive security. Tested for decades in severe Scandinavian winter conditions, these simple tools have saved many lives. Wear Ice Claws around your neck where they're easy to reach. Their steel spikes dig into the ice to help you pull yourself out. The Nordic Lifeline comes packed in a specially designed "throw bag" with a padded weight and built-in flotation. It can be easily thrown 80 feet across the ice to save a friend. Nordic Skating Poles help you accurately measure the strength of the ice, which is more important than the thickness.
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Ice Safety Package

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Mueller Padded Shorts

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