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V2 XLQ98M Skating Roller Ski Mini-Package

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V2 XLQ98M Skating Roller Ski Mini-Package
V2 XLQ98M Skating Roller Ski Mini-Package


Skating roller skis with bindings, brakes and the tall, skinny solid-rubber wheels that are the #1 choice for race training for nordic skiers at all levels, from high schoolers to Olympians. Skis are fully assembled and ready to ski on. The XLQ98 series composite-shaft ski is identical in all respects to the entry-level XLA98 series aluminum-shaft ski, except for the composition of the shaft. Composite shafts damp out vibrations to give you a more snow-like feel and a more comfortable ride. 99% of all skiers choose the medium-speed version, which is called the XLQ98M. Also available by special order are the XLQ98MS (medium slow) and the XLQ98S (slow speed).
With the most snow-like feel of any roller ski, the XLQ98 is the best freestyle ski ever made for decent-qualily paved surfaces. Weight is just 1570 grams a pair and they accept V2's proprietary emergency brakes and speed reducers. 
The XLQ98's composite shafts are just one of five vibration-absorbing materials in the new XLQ hybrid construction. The wheel forks, with their new built-in splashguards, are made of the same strong Du Pont™ composite employed on the V2-900 series for many years. The axle bolts are forged of 7075-T6 aluminum, protected with a black anodized coating, and are 3 times lighter than the conventional steel bolts used by V2's competitors.
When you place your order, please select your bindings and braking system from the Option list in the upper right. Also, please give us the skier's height, weight and shoe size, either in the Comments section of your order, or in a reply to your order confirmation email.
What's Included:
Our Mini-Package includes bindings and brakes, but it does not include boots or poles. If you also need skate boots and poles, please order our sale-priced XLQ98M Full Package to get additional discounts.
More Info:
For more information on XLQ98M packages, including boot and pole choices, click here.
Click here for a complete list of our skating roller skis. Or click here to see our classic roller skis.
Weight / pair: 1570 grams. (Almost 100 grams lighter than the old V2 XL98R carbon-shaft skis.)
Wheelbase: 601 mm.
Wheel Dimensions: 100mm diameter x 24mm width.
Wheel Hub: The custom hub is made of aluminum and designed by V2 Jenex Inc.
Rubber compound: Highly abrasion-resistant with a durometer (hardness) of 82 shore A.
Wheel Forks are designed so that side-to-side tracking can be adjusted.
Bolts: Forged 7075-T6 aluminum, protected with black anodizing.
Optional Speed Reducer: ATRXLQ98
Optional Brake: BXLQ98
Replacement wheels: W98RM medium speed, W98RS slow speed.


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