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V2 Aero XL150SC combi roller skis

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V2 Aero XL150SC combi roller skis
V2 Aero XL150SC combi roller skis


Skate/classic roller skis with 6-inch inflatable tires. This popular dual-technique roller ski is similar to the XL150S, but has a longer shaft and a clutch wheel in the front. This is an excellent combi ski, especially for rough pavement and unpaved surfaces, but due to the narrower wheels it requires good balance to classic ski on. Outrigger wheels can be installed to prevent the skis from tipping to the side, and we recommend them for all but expert skiers.
What's Included:
Bare skis do not include bindings or brakes. If you need bindings and brakes, please order our XL150SC mini-package. If you also need boots and poles, please order our XL150SC full package.
More Info:

For more information on XL150SC packages, including boot and pole choices, click here.
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