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V2 XLA9848 classic roller skis

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V2 XLA9848 classic roller skis
V2 XLA9848 classic roller skis


The American-made XLA9848 is safe, stable, comfortable, and extremely low-maintenance. The extra-wide, soft rubber wheels last basically forever - while the comfort and stability are second only to the V2 XL150RC with inflatable tires that must be pumped up regularly. We've sold hundreds of XLA9848's over the years, and in all those years only one customer has ever needed replacement wheels. We can't say that about any other roller ski in our catalog - and we have over 30 models from 6 different manufacturers.

The XLA9848 is an excellent recreational training and fitness ski, not only for smooth pavement, but also for rough paved and smooth dirt roads. The XLA9848's large wheels can roll safely over larger debris and surface flaws than the small-wheel race-training skis - which can be quite dangerous in the hands of a less-than-expert skier. Furthermore, in hilly terrain or in high-traffic areas, the XLA9848's speed reducers (for controlling speed on downhills) and optional emergency brake (for use in unanticipated emergencies) can be absolute life-savers.

Bare Skis do not include bindings. If you need bindings - or brakes - please order our V2 XLA9848 mini-package. If you also need boots and poles, please order our V2 XLA9848 full package.

When you receive your order confirmation email, please reply with the skier's height, weight and shoe size.

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