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Roller Ski Packages

Roller Ski Packages

We stock seven different brands of roller skis - Fischer, Powerslide, Skike, Ski Skett, Start, Swenor and V2 - more than any other shop in North America! Not surprisingly, we usually have the lowest prices too - especially if you take advantage of our generous full- and mini-package discounts.

Our complete roller ski packages include roller skis with bindings; brakes (on recreational models); boots (if needed); roller ski poles; and a DVD. Mini-packages are for skiers who already have boots and poles and just need roller skis with bindings and/or brakes.
If you're not sure what to buy, sign up for our 2-week mail-order rental program. Fill out our roller ski questionnaire and we'll call or email you with a recommendation. Happy skiing!
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Save $138.00!
Save $168.00!
Save $128.00!

Ski Skett Pony Full Package

$476.00 $348.00
Save $208.00!
Save $169.00!
Save $216.00!
Save $217.00!
Save $205.00!
Save $19.00!
Save $207.00!
Save $186.00!
Save $186.00!
Save $256.00!
Save $267.00!
Page: 1 2 Viewing 1 - 15 of 23